What's in Your Tilley?


Our team sources the best materials, invests in the latest textile innovations, and employs the highest level of craftsmanship.
That’s because every Tilley is designed to enhance your life out of doors - and we love knowing you can count on us no matter what you get up to.



Cotton duck is part of Tilley's heritage. Naturally water-resistant and made with a tight weave, these hats are a popular choice for camping, sailing, and hiking adventures. And for those who like to put their individual stamp on style, this fabric fades with age, giving each hat a distinct, exclusive-to-you character.


Tilley is proud to offer a choice that reduces waste: hats made of a recycled mash-up of organic cotton, polyester, and rayon yarns. This exceptional fabric is also lightweight, UPF 50+, breathable, and water-resistant, making it a solid choice for the great outdoors.


Coming from certified farms and facilities, our organic cotton hats and apparel start with sustainable, eco-friendly practices to deliver a fabric that naturally breathes, dries fast, and keeps you cool and comfortable on all of your journeys.


A waxed cotton hat is a fantastic choice for a day on the water or in the rain. That’s because our iconic cotton is treated with an eco-friendly, water-repellent finish. As the waxed cotton ages, hats made from this fabric eventually develop a special character, one that is unique to each hat owner.


Natural & Engineered Materials


If you’re up for a rough-and-tumble adventure consider our hemp options. After all, hemp's tensile strength is eight times that of cotton fibre, so strong that it’s a preferred material for sails and rope. This durable fabric is also among the most eco-friendly and sustainable fibre choices available.


Like to snuggle? Our extra fine Merino wool provides you with exceptional softness that you won’t resist cuddling up to, especially on a crisp day. It’s the ultimate feel-good fibre in every way: our Merino wool is procured using cruelty-free, non-mulesing techniques.


Beautiful raffia is known for its rich colours, flexibility, durability, and is among the favourites for hot weather climates. Our Tilley raffia hats are made from the finest quality, sustainably-sourced Madagascar fibre.


Beautiful raffia is known for its rich colours, flexibility, durability, and is among the favourites for hot weather climates. Our Tilley raffia hats are made from the finest quality, sustainably-sourced Madagascar fibre.


Bring on the summer vibes. Toyo is a material derived from rice paper yarns and is known for its smooth texture and lightweight durability – perfect for when the temperature starts to rise. At Tilley, we select premium Toyo straw sourced from sustainable partners in Japan.


Wool felt is your best friend on a winter walk. A non-woven fabric, wool felt is incredibly soft yet strong and durable in the snow, and also insulating to keep in heat when temperatures drop.


We all hope for sunny weather on a camping weekend – smart campers always plan for the unexpected. A hat made with our lightweight nylon-spandex blend can handle anything. Not only is it UPF 50+ certified, durable, and water-repellent to keep you protected in sun or rain, it is also breathable so you stay cool and comfortable all weekend.


Keep your cool, even in a storm. Our recycled and supplex nylons are the secret behind Tilley’s AIRFLO® collection – a series of hats that allow rain to bead off easily while air flows around the crown, keeping sweat to a minimum and comfort at its maximum. The AIRFLO® collection is currently transitioning to recycled nylon, making the hat a more sustainable choice without giving up its performance features.


Tilley Technology Glossary

With a ¾” mesh panel at the top of the crown, our AIRFLO® hats allow for ventilation throughout, letting cool air in and hot air out – a true blessing on long hikes and warm days. Style note: AIRFLO® hats hit higher on your head in order to keep the mesh unobstructed and able to do its magic.

It’s sometimes the simplest, smallest things that can improve your experience - and here’s one of them. We offer hats with a dark under brim which help to reduce glare from sun reflection.

Antimicrobial garments give you a little breathing room. They’re anti-mold, anti-must, supremely low fuss. Give them a cleaning now and again and all will be right as rain.

Where possible, we source bluesign® Approved Fabrics as a step towards greater sustainability in our practices. An independent authority, bluesign® provides a system to trace a textile’s path along its manufacturing process, and works to provide improvements through every step to reduce the environmental impact.

No matter how skilled we are in canoes and kayaks, capsizing happens now and again. As you scramble your way back in the boat, know that one less thing to worry about is your Tilley. It’s right there – floating on the water, waiting for you to scoop it up.

We offer a series of hats that include a built-in carabiner loop. Pop a carabiner on when your hat isn’t in use and attach it somewhere handy - like to the outside of your backpack. Easy access and no more lost hats.

We offer extra sun protection with UPF-rated garments. Similar to SPF, a UPF rating is given to apparel proven to block a certain amount of UV radiation, with a maximum rating being 50+.

The grommet, which allows air flow and acts as a light reflector in the water, is the signature hardware in many of our hats. Made of brass and available in both gold and black, the grommet has been Tilley’s mark of function and quality for more than a generation.

No need to wipe your brow on a hot day with hats featuring Hydrofil®. These special linings and sweatbands wick moisture away, keeping your vision clear and your hands off your face.

OEKO-TEX® fabrics have been certified free of harmful chemicals and safe for human use by the International Association for Research and Testing. As often as possible, we aim to use materials that have achieved OEKO-TEX® certification.

These are musts for the low-maintenance traveller who still likes to be prepared and look put-together. These hats and apparel can be folded or flattened for packing without losing their shape or getting wrinkled. They’re a great choice if your adventures involve a backpack and a light amount of luggage.

Where did that hat go? Just look for the reflection and you’ll see it. High visibility stitching and reflective features are a real benefit in low-light conditions.

Some of us enjoy adventures outdoors but could do without the sweat and grime. Hats made with Schoeller® technologies 3XDry® Bio fabric have water- and dirt-repellent exteriors, and on the inside, they discreetly absorb and wick away perspiration.

Too hot? Too cold? That won’t be the case with hats featuring the Schoeller® technologies c_change™ membrane. This technology promotes the optimum body climate, adapting to conditions to either carry away moisture and excessive heat, or offer comfortable heat retention if the temperature drops. Plus, you get additional weather protection thanks to c_change™’s windproof and waterproof features.

Fully secured with Velcro but revealing no hint of its existence to the outside, your Tilley has a secret. Stash what you need inside your hat’s crown pocket: cash, ID, keys – whatever little thing you want to keep safe and sound.

The simplest and most effective way to keep safe from the elements is to take shelter. While we don’t expect *you* to hide, with these hats, you can make sure that your neck and ears won’t bear the harshness of sun exposure. Our tuck-away sun capes can be unraveled to ensure that these sensitive and often-forgotten areas avoid sun burns.

Our tuck-away ear warmers take the sting out of wind and winter by offering you extra protection when you need it. Discreetly and neatly tuck the flaps back within the crown whenever desired.

This feature is a sailor’s and hiker’s delight. Wind cords are adjustable and add an extra level of security and protection should the wind pick up. Plus, they can be used to keep a ponytail at bay. And when it’s smooth sailing, wind cords tuck away easily and comfortably.

Made for light- to medium-strength gusts, apparel made with wind-resistant fabric will keep you comfortable in weather that’s not quite calm but not quite a storm. Ideal for hikes in the foothills or morning beach walks.