About Cool Your Carbon

As a company who adopted environmental practices long before it was considered a standard approach, we believe in continuously challenging ourselves. This year, we have reimagined Black Friday as a digital event that strives to cool our planet and further our sustainability goals.

For 24 hours this Black Friday, November 26 2021, we will permanently remove carbon for every Tilley digital interaction.

Every website page you visit and view
Every email you receive
Every like, comment, click, and share on our social media Every ad you are served
...will all become carbon negative.

We aren’t climate change experts and we aren’t perfect in everything we do. We’re an apparel brand that believes in investing in the creativity and passion of our team to drive impact and improvement on our environmental targets, including making 65% of all Tilley hats sustainable by 2022. This Black Friday, we wanted to demonstrate climate action for the now, while continuing to implement our longer term sustainable processes, such as incorporating recycled materials into our products, and using organic materials and eco friendly fibers. At Tilley, we are committed to creating quality products to be worn with longevity, in an effort to ensure that our planet is cared for, along with our customer.

How do we remove carbon? We are removing the digital footprint in partnership with Cool Points Club. Together, we will track and calculate your time + actions across our website and social channels. We then take that measurement, increase it by 20% for good measure, and purchase carbon removal credits from Biochar producers around the world. Biochar is a granular carbon substance produced by thermal decomposition of organic matter. The charcoal-like by-product is highly porous and completely safe for the environment. Biochar serves many purposes in regenerative agricultures from improving soil quality, livestock feed productivity, reduction of soil emissions of greenhouse gasses, and improves water filtration treatments. All things considered, improvement of soil structure leads to reduced amounts of waste and growth of plants.