A proudly Canadian company

At Tilley, we maintain a high Canadian standard at home and abroad.

Tilley began as - and remains - a Canadian company. 

All of our garments are designed in Canada, and wherever possible, they are manufactured here, too. We understand the outdoors, the ever-changing elements, and how to stay comfortable in them.

What we make is of great importance to us, and how we make it is just as relevant. This includes using the best materials, leading with innovation, honouring quality craftsmanship, and acting with integrity. It is important to us and to our customers that no matter where a Tilley is made, high standards are maintained. 

Some of our apparel is produced by quality partners outside of our borders. We’ve expanded our global operations in order to keep up with demand and to take advantage of certain sustainable processes - such as the incorporation of recycled materials - that aren’t yet viable within Canada.

Shop our Made in Canada offerings

If you prefer to purchase hats and apparel that are designed and manufactured in Canada, such as our Heritage Collection, follow this link or look for our Made in Canada symbol on the product page.